Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Crossroads environment, AO pass wip 2

Blocked in more of The Crossroads environment that I mentioned in the last post earlier today. Im going to make some plants next, to start adding to the scene, and then it should be basically done. Ill begin UV mapping after that, texturing, light maps, and finally will add the collision which I think I understand how to do now lol.

'New Feeling' wip illustration, AO pass prop collection one, AO pass the crossroads wip 1

Here is what I am currently working on. The first is a wip of a character portrait illustration entitled 'New feeling' I am basically doing it to try creating a character illustration with a lot of layered colours and varied edges. The second picture is an AO pass of some of the props I have been making lately, and the third is a current wip of my new 3D project.

A modular environment based on my concept 'The Crossroads' which you can view in my portfolio, as with most of my models I have scaled everything to UDK size. As a scale reference the little box in the third picture is the size of a UDK character. Below is a wip of the current modular pieces I have built for the scene.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Lake District virtual plein air

A study for the virtual plein air group on facebook. Reference

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Latest portfolio environment illustration

Here is the final version of my new portfolio environment illustration which I posted the wip for previously.

Friday, 18 July 2014

New portfolio environment illustration, Watchtower wip6

Paper Blue inspired environment wip1
Watch tower wip 6
Watch tower wip 6
Watch tower wip 6
Watch tower wip 6

Here is a new environment illustration I started this morning as a warm up but I like the direction its going so I am planning to finish it as a portfolio piece, it is inspired by the work of Paper Blue.

And the current progress of my watchtower scene. I think I am going to put this model aside for awhile and work on other stuff.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Watchtower wip 5 and some examples of the hand painted textures Ive been making.

Wip5 texture pass 1, watchtower scene

Wip5 texture pass 1, watchtower scene
The grass texture I am using for this scene and the previous tent one.

Flame Texture
Spiked wooden fence texture

Grain sack texture

Wooden Barrel Texture

The metal texture I used for the torches
Wooden Planks, for the previous tent scene barrels, and I am using a variation of these for the wooden stairs in the watchtower building which Ill show once they are done.

Here is the current progress of my Watchtower level one scene, and some examples of the hand painted textures I have been doing recently for my 3D work. Ive added a flame to the torch, which took far longer than I had hoped to implement, I couldnt figure out why the plane was picking up light, until an hour later I realised I hadn't turned the eccentricity off /fail.

I am hoping to spend tomorrow on just painting textures, so I think Ill probably have most of the scene done then. After I am done with this scene I want to spend most of the time I put aside for 3D to making modular assets like the previous examples of the barrels/sacks/Torches etc as I find its great practice whilst also given me things to use in later projects for set dressing and blocking in.

Edit: Here is a close up shot of the torch, which still has some errors happening which Ill fix tomorrow.

Warm up sketch

A warm up sketch I did this morning, before I spend the rest of the day texture painting.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Watchtower wip 4, Illustrator samurai character design wip 1

Here is the current progress of the watchtower scene, which has turned into more of an outpost lol. I have spent most of today unwrapping the scene, which I will hopefully finish tomorrow so I begin texturing. Ive added the upper floor, with a stair case, railing, and an outside canvas overhang which I felt gave the scene some more interest. I am planning to add bed rolls, a fireplace, table, chairs and maybe some plates of food to the interior to dress it up.

The final lighting is in place now, I have a main key light, a fill light, a rim light, 4 volume lights for the torches, and 2 area lights inside the building to replicate interior lighting, and there are 3 bounce lights in the scene 2 in the house and one large one on the main ground its subtle but makes a difference I think.

The last piece is I did whilst brushing up on my Illustrator abilities, its a vector illustration of the Samurai character redesign I did the other day for the art test. Whilst I wasnt successful at getting a job, it was fun to do the character designs, and to try something different from my other work.

I think I am getting the hang of Illustrator now; it is such an odd way of constructing images, that it is a nice change of pace. I feel quite comfortable with the pen tool now as well, so much so, that I have been using it reguallarly in Photoshop; since I find it is great for setting up mask selections that you can go back to and easily edit any time, and more complicated selections are slightly quicker and cleaner than using a lasso. Its too bad I didn't try to use it more in the past, I cant imagine not using it now lol.

Watchtower wip 3 and assets

WIP 3 watchtower

Wooden Spiked fence asset
Sack Assets

Watchtower Torch Asset
Here is the current progress of my watchtower scene, I spent most of yesterday making assets, set dressing the scene, and also testing the model in UDK which helped me spot some errors.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Watch Tower Level one wip 2 and barrel asset with textures

Some current progress on my watch tower model. I redid the base of the house as I realised I was doing myself no favours by building the whole thing as one model; so I split everything up into separate models, which I think looks much better, and will make texturing much easier later on.

Ill do a turnaround of this at the end, as, as you can see I went beyond simply modelling what can be seen in the isometric view of the original concept art.Which can be seen here

Edit: I am going to start making assets/props as well to start adding to scenes, here is my first one, a simple barrel. It has a basic diffuse and spec map on it.

Barrel Diffuse

Barrel Spec

Avarice the Witch portrait

Portraiture based off of a character design sketch of a witch. I liked the sketch and decided to take it to finish as a fantasy portraiture. Experimented a bit with edges and lighting in this one, and tried to leave it feeling a bit loose which I think gives it more energy.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Watch Tower Level one model - WIP1

I decided as my next 3d project to model the watchtower I designed as part of an art test a few months ago. Here is the first wip with an ambient occlusion pass.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Application character designs, and 'MoshiMonster' style vector character wip 1

'World of Warriors' 3 character designs

'Moshi Monster' Vector Character design wip 1
Here are some character designs that I did in order to apply to a job, since I didnt have anything like what was asked for in my portfolio. The other character design is related to the same job application, but it was just practice since as I mentioned in the last post I am currently re-learning Illustrator.

Its a pretty easy program one you get the gist of it, hopefully ill be able to produce some proper artwork in a few weeks. My previous experience with illustrator has all been related to logo design for companies, so I am mostly focusing on how to use the program to produce artwork appropriate for my Concept Art practice.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Medieval Tent scene final

Medieval style tent scene final

Medieval style tent scene final ambient occlusion pass
Here is the final version of the medieval style tent scene. I decided to leave it as this stage as I feel I would learn more by moving on to new projects rather than spending any more time on this one. I have learned a lot doing this scene, atleast enough that I feel I am at the stage where I have a solid grasp on the all of the foundation skills so I can move on to more intermediate stuff.

I also have Autodesk cloud now so I am busy reteaching myself Illustrator and Flash since I havent used them in almost 4 years. And at some point Ill be teaching myself After effects, and if that isnt enough Ive also started teaching myself unity haha

Monday, 7 July 2014

Moroccan inspired environment final, and speedpainting warmup with timelapse video.

Final Moroccan inspired environment

Valley speedpainting
Here is the final version of the Moroccan Environment, I am fairly happy with it, its come out a lot better than I thought it would and I have learned a bunch of new techniques related to the mixer brush whilst doing this one.

The second illustration is a environment sketch that I did this morning as a warm up and as a test to try out camstudio, you can watch the video - no audio, here: