Monday, 14 July 2014

Watchtower wip 4, Illustrator samurai character design wip 1

Here is the current progress of the watchtower scene, which has turned into more of an outpost lol. I have spent most of today unwrapping the scene, which I will hopefully finish tomorrow so I begin texturing. Ive added the upper floor, with a stair case, railing, and an outside canvas overhang which I felt gave the scene some more interest. I am planning to add bed rolls, a fireplace, table, chairs and maybe some plates of food to the interior to dress it up.

The final lighting is in place now, I have a main key light, a fill light, a rim light, 4 volume lights for the torches, and 2 area lights inside the building to replicate interior lighting, and there are 3 bounce lights in the scene 2 in the house and one large one on the main ground its subtle but makes a difference I think.

The last piece is I did whilst brushing up on my Illustrator abilities, its a vector illustration of the Samurai character redesign I did the other day for the art test. Whilst I wasnt successful at getting a job, it was fun to do the character designs, and to try something different from my other work.

I think I am getting the hang of Illustrator now; it is such an odd way of constructing images, that it is a nice change of pace. I feel quite comfortable with the pen tool now as well, so much so, that I have been using it reguallarly in Photoshop; since I find it is great for setting up mask selections that you can go back to and easily edit any time, and more complicated selections are slightly quicker and cleaner than using a lasso. Its too bad I didn't try to use it more in the past, I cant imagine not using it now lol.

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