Saturday, 22 October 2016

The Golden Bird, Dev for the Golden Bird, and The Garden with the Golden Apple Tree thumbs

Thumbnails and the final design for the Golden Bird.

The Garden with the Golden Apple Tree thumbs. The story initially starts out with the apples of the Golden Tree disappearing, the Gardener is tasked by the king to investigate. He sets his sons each to guard the tree, but only his youngest son succeeds in discovering its the Golden Bird taking the apples.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Golden Bird - Gardener final and thumbs

Here are the final design and thumbnails for the Gardener, part of my Golden Bird project. The Gardener is the father of the three brothers in the story.

The Golden Bird - Princess final design and thumbs

Princess thumbs

Final design
Here are the designs for the Princess that the youngest brother has to rescue in the story.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Visual Development of the Golden Bird by the Brothers Grimm

The Three Brothers final designs - From left to right the youngest brother who is the hero of the story, the middle and oldest brother who are the eventual villains.
The Three Brothers - thumbnails. I've decided to fit the characters into an Elizabethan inspired setting.

Final designs for the Three Kings. The youngest brother meets three different kings through out his journey each setting him on a different task.

thumbnail designs for The Three Kings.
This is a new project that I am starting that will eventually serve as my new concept art portfolio. Its is the visual development of The Golden Bird by the Brothers Grimm. A story about three brothers who are sent on a quest to retrieve a bird with golden feathers. I decided to develop this story as, as with most Brothers Grimm stories the description for the characters is almost non existent leaving lots of room for interpretation. The story has a nice mix of characters, environments, props, and creatures to design as well.