Saturday, 6 September 2014

Warhammer Chaos Warrior final concept

Warhammer Chaos Warrior
Here is the finished version of the Warhammer Chaos Warrior that I did for my portfolio.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Demon Creature design, Chaos Warrior wip, Ogre Shrine scene sketch and AO pass wip, forest creek wip

Demon Creature design

Warhammer Chaos Warrior wip

Ogre Shrine sketch

Ogre Shrine AO 1

Ogre Shrine AO 2

Ogre Shrine AO 3

Forest Creek wip
Here is some of work I have been doing lately that I plan to take to a finish, I have been doing a lot of jumping around exploring different ideas for my personal work recently since it keeps things interesting and it helps to give me ideas on the future directions for my personal projects.

The first picture is a Demon Character design which is currently in my portfolio. I wanted to try something different as I usually focus on other subject matters.

The second is a Warhammer Chaos Warrior design work in progress, I wanted to do a fantasy picture that focused on the design of an armour set hence the symmetrical pose, and I decided to place it in the Warhammer fantasy universe, and in particular the Chaos faction since they are my favourite.

Next up is my new 3D project which I am also hoping will turn out well enough to put in my portfolio. I did a sketch of a Ogre shrine inspired by the types of Assets that are found on Isle of Thunder in The World of Warcraft MMO. At the moment I have done all of the UVs, Modelling, Light Maps, and have put together an Ambient Occlusion pass which can be seen above. I am going to create some collision for it as I plan to place it in UDK like my DM-CrossRoads level, even though noone is likely to test it I find its good practice. My textures will be hand painted like my previous work but since I am planning to put this one in my portfolio ill be spending far more time on them.

And lastly is a Forest Creek environment speed painting that I started, I am exploring trying to get a painterly look into the piece, which so far I think is working, I did something similar this for the Mermaids in my Concept and Development module for my MA which you can see here: Hopefully ill come up with a more refined piece at some point later.

In other news I am available for work still. Hopefully Ill have a non art job soon which will make things easier at least.