Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Watchtower wip 5 and some examples of the hand painted textures Ive been making.

Wip5 texture pass 1, watchtower scene

Wip5 texture pass 1, watchtower scene
The grass texture I am using for this scene and the previous tent one.

Flame Texture
Spiked wooden fence texture

Grain sack texture

Wooden Barrel Texture

The metal texture I used for the torches
Wooden Planks, for the previous tent scene barrels, and I am using a variation of these for the wooden stairs in the watchtower building which Ill show once they are done.

Here is the current progress of my Watchtower level one scene, and some examples of the hand painted textures I have been doing recently for my 3D work. Ive added a flame to the torch, which took far longer than I had hoped to implement, I couldnt figure out why the plane was picking up light, until an hour later I realised I hadn't turned the eccentricity off /fail.

I am hoping to spend tomorrow on just painting textures, so I think Ill probably have most of the scene done then. After I am done with this scene I want to spend most of the time I put aside for 3D to making modular assets like the previous examples of the barrels/sacks/Torches etc as I find its great practice whilst also given me things to use in later projects for set dressing and blocking in.

Edit: Here is a close up shot of the torch, which still has some errors happening which Ill fix tomorrow.

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