Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Final crossroads texture sheet

I meant to post this previously, they are the textures that I made for 'The CrossRoads' environment. They are all either 256, or 512 for the most part.

Futuristic Female Soldier final

Here is my final version of my Futuristic Female Soldier concept, it turned into more of a pitch illustration in the end.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Futuristic female soldier, wip 1

Here is a wip of a my next portfolio piece, a concept design of a female futuristic soldier.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Norman/Medieval Cottage concept final

Final Norman/Medieval Cottage concept art
Here is the final version of the cottage I postage yesterday, with a top down and side/back view. Ill hopefully be modelling this some time in the near future as my first 3D portfolio piece.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Final shots of 'The Crossroads' udk environment, and a my next portfolio piece wip1.

Here are the final progress shots for my UDK environment, Ive added some simple mountain shapes to the background in order to give the level a more natural looking end, and I added a seperate fog volume to make it look like as you go higher your going above the clouds. I might do a fly through of the environment in the future so I can learn how to do it, at the moment I want to move on to other work.

The forth picture is my latest portfolio work, I am designing a house asset, which I actually wanted to fit into my action RPG project which 'The Crossroads' is a part of. I am planning to model this at some point since I think have I learned enough of the basics to try something more challenging like this house.

There is a top down view of the house as well,  and I want to do a background shot once this establishing shot is done, so that it is easier to model, and also because I wanted to have some more production style work in my portfolio.


I put together a scene block in for the house, here is a simple AO pass, I got a bit carried away with the wheel barrow and cabbages :d

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Some progress screenshots of my UDK environment 'The Crossroads'

Here are the progress shots from my first UDK environment 'The Crossroads'. I think I am almost finished with it; at least in the sense of accomplishing what I wanted to at the beginning of the project, i.e to gain a well rounded knowledge of UDK and 3D modelling for environments which I can build upon for future projects. I am going to add some foliage to the background to hide the edge of the level, and then I want to put together a fly through so I can learn that aspect of the program and so I can easily showcase the project.

In other news, I am still looking for work, and working on my portfolio. Initially that involved doing this 3D work to show I can do it, but I think after looking around at other peoples portfolios that perhaps it will be best to just cut all of the 'kind of okay' work from my portfolio and just focus on my strengths and interests rather than trying to show everything.