Wednesday, 23 July 2014

'New Feeling' wip illustration, AO pass prop collection one, AO pass the crossroads wip 1

Here is what I am currently working on. The first is a wip of a character portrait illustration entitled 'New feeling' I am basically doing it to try creating a character illustration with a lot of layered colours and varied edges. The second picture is an AO pass of some of the props I have been making lately, and the third is a current wip of my new 3D project.

A modular environment based on my concept 'The Crossroads' which you can view in my portfolio, as with most of my models I have scaled everything to UDK size. As a scale reference the little box in the third picture is the size of a UDK character. Below is a wip of the current modular pieces I have built for the scene.

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