Thursday, 7 August 2014

Some progress screenshots of my UDK environment 'The Crossroads'

Here are the progress shots from my first UDK environment 'The Crossroads'. I think I am almost finished with it; at least in the sense of accomplishing what I wanted to at the beginning of the project, i.e to gain a well rounded knowledge of UDK and 3D modelling for environments which I can build upon for future projects. I am going to add some foliage to the background to hide the edge of the level, and then I want to put together a fly through so I can learn that aspect of the program and so I can easily showcase the project.

In other news, I am still looking for work, and working on my portfolio. Initially that involved doing this 3D work to show I can do it, but I think after looking around at other peoples portfolios that perhaps it will be best to just cut all of the 'kind of okay' work from my portfolio and just focus on my strengths and interests rather than trying to show everything.

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