Saturday, 9 August 2014

Final shots of 'The Crossroads' udk environment, and a my next portfolio piece wip1.

Here are the final progress shots for my UDK environment, Ive added some simple mountain shapes to the background in order to give the level a more natural looking end, and I added a seperate fog volume to make it look like as you go higher your going above the clouds. I might do a fly through of the environment in the future so I can learn how to do it, at the moment I want to move on to other work.

The forth picture is my latest portfolio work, I am designing a house asset, which I actually wanted to fit into my action RPG project which 'The Crossroads' is a part of. I am planning to model this at some point since I think have I learned enough of the basics to try something more challenging like this house.

There is a top down view of the house as well,  and I want to do a background shot once this establishing shot is done, so that it is easier to model, and also because I wanted to have some more production style work in my portfolio.


I put together a scene block in for the house, here is a simple AO pass, I got a bit carried away with the wheel barrow and cabbages :d

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