Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Pride - illus320 character
This is my character design for the 7 deadly sin - Pride. Some of the symbolism: The armour points upwards showing how he tries to be more importent, his pose looking up whilst standing on someone else, the horses on his armour - pride is represented by a horse according to my research. The peacock feathers in the hair, a mirror in his belt.

Im going to add a tattoo which ive indicated on his arm, of lucifer since he fell from heaven due to his pride, and another tattoo on his forearm of a peacock feather. Then lastly ive given him loopy laces to show he is fussy with every little detail, the guy he is standing on is going to be in a business suit and is overweight to show corporate greed and the ruthless rise to power.

Oh and the armour is meant to emphasise his form because he is vain. Now to paint this one and do 6 more, study for my driving theory in a few weeks, and oh did I mentioned I have a dissertation, visual diary, and 2 competitions to do as well? lol

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