Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Initial watercolour

The part were I completly messed up

Digital version wip

Gustave dore, lucifer tattoo (as he fell due to pride)
This is my current progress for the pride final illustration. I initally intended to go from traditional mediums to digital but it didnt work out too well when I got to the gouache stage, I believe because I stupidly tried to use the gouache like acrlic and forgot how opaque it was, result very muddy frustrated mess lol Started to fix it up in photoshop and realised it would be easier to just start again.

So I used the scanned drawing I posted previously as a base point to paint the character digitally instead.  This is the work in progress so far, and a close up of the tattoo which I probably should of left till last, ahh well you live and learn.

Hopefully ill get this finished up tomorrow, after my tutorial. And then can move onto my other characters. I want to try and get this project done relativly quickly due to the amount of work I want to do/have to do this year.

Driving theory test is booked now as well for the 9th November, so studying like mad. Pixalated videos for the hazard theory are starting to drive me nuts :S Starting to consistently pass them though, and my practical driving lessons are going well, so fingers crossed lol

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