Wednesday, 21 September 2011


First picture is my first pass at colour, and some more design added trying out working from the back to the front. I think I prefer my usual method of working the whole picture at once.

Decided to change the composition as you can see on the second picture, I think putting the characters closer together, and overlapping more of the elements is going to make for a more intense illustration. Just trying out different things at the moment. Tried to get the character design of the dragon and his rider done as he was the main focus of the illustration. Definitely going to change the design of the blood mage. And I just indicated the figure in the bottom left. It was meant to be a thief who's been startled by the dragon and the bag of coins she was stealing breaks and smashes on the floor.

I think it doesn't really work with my new direction so will probably change it. Perhaps making her recoil from the site of the beheaded beast or perhaps more involved with the potential fight. I don't think they'll be that much blood in the final, it was just an indicator to work out an idea I had for a potential composition element.

Also started working on a elf warrior as you can see she is in the initial sketch stage at the moment, no idea why I started drawing her. I was just practicing the planes of the face as I was having trouble with my main illustration and it just happened lol So I now have 2 illustrations on the go at once ;) They are for my own study anyway so it doesn't matter if it means I spend more time on them.

p.s I have the Internet now as well, yay lol

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