Sunday, 25 September 2011

Starting to add the details

Update for my elf warrior. Just adding more details now, improving the design of the weapons and armour, further definition to the hands and face. And adding some more definition to the lights and darks, and improving the form of the leg around the knee.

Upped the resolution of the character to 300 now so I can start defining everything, hence why it starts to get blurry when you look closely. But I feel this will give me more edge control, and an easier time at adding focus to different areas.

Haven't made any progress on my other illustration, think ill just leave it for now. Finish this one and then work on the other one when I get time. Starting my third and final year of illustration tomorrow, so I'm going to be quite busy. Cant wait to start though, should be a challenging but fun year.

Part of the reason I am working on my illustrations in such high resolution is partly because we are expected to do art stands this year so I need ot make my illustration ready for print. So far that involves making sure im using colours that will actually print, painting at a high resolution. And making sure that the illustration will hold up at my preferred print size of A3.

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