Thursday, 9 November 2017

Lightsaber blaster design process, and a new portfolio Illustration

Initial design exploration

Second iterations trying to focus down the design to a interesting, safe and a unique choice.

As I used silhouettes an interior design ideation phase was needed
Here I doing a turnaround and cut out, the idea is to communicate as much info as possible to the audience.

A call out sheet focused on Materials, again the idea of a call out sheet is to provide further information about your design.

Here is the final Lightsaber blaster design. At this stage the final serves as a the main design outcome I am aiming for, I would iterate on smaller elements from this point like the scope, or the grip but the overall look and function would stay relatively the same.

Harbour Castle Illustration

I recently did a workshop for Plymouth College of Arts BA Hons Game Art second years. The focus was on my weapon/prop design process, in this instance I picked a Lightsaber as I thought it would be fun for the students. But I use a similar process for everything.

Finally at the end is my latest portfolio Illustration, I haven't had a lot of time recently to do any art so its nice to finally get something finished.

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