Saturday, 21 January 2012

The 2 older brothers

Currently starting off my designs for the Macmillan children’s book competition. This year Ive decided rather than write my own story to adapt one of the Grimm brother stories. Ive chosen ‘The Queen Bee’ due to how open the story is to interpretation.

 These are my initial designs for the 2 older brothers in the story, literally the only description of them is that there’s 2, they are older, and brothers, lol You can also probably gather from the story they are brutish and bit of a douche, so I kept this in mind whilst doing the initial designs. I’m thinking of developing number 4 and 7 at the moment.
Worth noting I guess that I also did a bunch of head, and initial pencil sketches before this stage. So I knew I wanted to go in a 'cartoony' direction for this project. I'm hoping to have something similar to the quality of Jonny Duddles 'The Pirate Catcher' Which I brought recently, really like the illustrations, design of the book and story. I don't think I would of done Macmillan this year if I hadn't seen this book, it definitely tipped me over the fence so to speak lol 

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