Monday, 27 October 2014

Cyclops Development sheet final

Cyclops Development Sheet
Here is my final development sheet for my Cyclops character design. I decided to give him a weapon, and do a side view to just finish it off and make it more useful in a production setting.

I probably wont be uploading much if anything to my Facebook page from now on, primarily it is due to the awful compression on images that I have already compressed,  consequently making everything look blurry. Originally I was going to delete the page, but I have decided to keep it around as a portfolio page of sorts, perhaps if the page becomes more popular in future Ill update it more.

From now on Ill be posting my work primarily on my Art Station page: and this blog. Further to this I have also deleted my deviant art account. I have found the site to be a waste of time to be honest when it comes to promoting my artwork and looking for work in my field; and as such I would much rather spend my time promoting myself on sites that are more specialised to what I want to do and are more professional in general.

I will be using my Art station portfolio page from now on as the site is far better than what I was using at deviant art. The work is a bit limited there at the moment but I will hopefully have all of my portfolio on the site soon.

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