Wednesday, 4 June 2014

River Ruins Matte Painting and Vampiress Illustration, wip 1

River Ruins in Snow, Matte painting wip 1

Vampiress illustration wip 1
Here are two portfolio pieces I am currently working on. The first, is my first real attempt at a Matte Painting, I decided to create a environment which depicts a medieval ruin; near a snowed over river. I thought this subject matter would provide the opportunity to try many different matte painting techniques and therefore be a good practice. I am planning this as a portfolio piece for my sketchbook section.

The second illustration I have started, is a depiction of a Vampiress. Originally I started doing an illustration of a wizard who was shattered from doing his art finals haha; but after a day of working on that one I figured it was a lost cause (one of those ideas that sounds better in your head than on paper) so I started this one instead. My goal for this illustration is a character piece which depicts a female Vampire, in a Gothic styled environment, I chose this subject matter in order to have some portfolio pieces targeted at the Fantasy genre.

I am hoping to have these both done before I go back to Milton Keynes at the end of the month which I think should be doable as the only other thing I am doing at the moment is looking for full time and freelance work.

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