Friday, 27 June 2014

Medieval Tent Scene work in progress

Medieval Tent scene wip 1, light render

Medieval Tent scene wip1, Ambient Occlusion
Here is something a little different; I have wanted to focus on improving my 3D modelling skills for awhile now, now that I have finished my Masters Degree, I have decided I am going to try and shift my focus for my free time to improving my modelling. I will focus on hard surfaces and environment modelling in general; as I believe its a natural progression to my Concept Art, which tends to lean towards environment concepts.

To start off with, I am going to try and complete this simple scene above of a Medieval tent, with a rack of spears, and a simple shield with a spear leaning against the wall of the tent. The figure is just for scale, as with all my modelling I tend to model to UDK sizes so that I have the option to import them in to the program at a later date.

I am hoping that the scene will teach me enough of the basics to try more ambitious projects in the future.

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