Monday, 6 January 2014

University module links and navigation of the module pages

So that there is no confusion please be aware that you are currently viewing the main page of my personal blog. On the right of the page is a pullout menu that links to my Masters degree in Concept Art for Games and Animation course modules.

Here are some direct links to my current course modules and relevant learning outcomes for those modules, here you will find my latest course work the other modules are for the modules I did at the beginning of the course: - This is a link to the character and environment design module. - This is a link to drawing for concept art module.

This the post that contains my learning outcomes for the character and environment design module:

Ill post a link to the learning outcomes for Drawing for Concept Art when I have written them.

Please note that when you click on either Character and Environment design or the Drawing for Concept art module pages you will see a link to the learning outcomes page for those modules on the right hand side of the page. I will have the learning outcomes in 2 separate posts.

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