Thursday, 31 January 2013

Here is a 3D project I have been working on, its based on this miniature:

These are the initial models with the UVs sorted out and a checker texture applied to make sure its all working. At a later stage I had a better idea of how the UV mapping worked so I think in retrospect I should of spent more time in this phase as I had to redo the UVs for some of the smaller models in the scene.

A progress shot on the texturing.

And the final model with the texturing and a light set up in Maya as well as the hand painted textures that I used for everything. I used 256x256 for the most part, 1026x1026 for the main brick texture, and 512x512 for the ground and arch. I was hoping I could do the lighting and rendering in UDK, I had all the collision set up as well. I was having too many problems with it in the end as such I think Ill leave that part until I better understand the program. The fact that I thought you could just import a fully textured model and that was that, pretty much shows my lack of understanding of the program.

On another note I will be moving to Teesside tomorrow, as I will be starting my MA in Concept art for games and animation in a week or so time. Still waiting on funding (PCDL loan) but at this point its just a matter of waiting on paper work, so hopefully it goes in on time.

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