Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A new illustration for my portfolio. I wanted this to originally be my final illustration of 2012 but I decided to make it a multi figure piece to really challenge myself so it ended up taking much longer than I had originally planned.

Also I will be studying an MA in Concept art for games and animation at Teesside in February, I've been on the fence about studying an MA for awhile. Originally I was looking at doing one for 3D as there's more work in it quite frankly lol But im no where near good enough yet to get on an MA for that so I decided I might as well kill 2 birds with one stone and do a course that improves my concept art whilst also giving me the flexibility and time to learn 3D. 

So lately ive been rushing around trying to organise for that, everything was very last minute. I got my unconditional place on ... CHRISTMAS EVE -_- As you can imagine it was impossible to get anything sorted out at that point so I had to nervously wait until January convinced it was too late to do anything.

Atm I'm waiting on finance but its taking so long Im going to have to travel up there without it, luckily it seems I am going to get the full amount after all - was not exactly optimistic on that front lol but I've been given a preliminary acceptance by co-op just waiting on the last paper work now. So I figure its worth the risk to move up there at this point, now to sort out accommodation and move up there, most likely next week lol (told you it was last minute).

If anyone ever chooses to do an MA dont decide to do it 2 months before the course starts I can honestly say that it wasn't the best choice I've made in retrospect ;)

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