Saturday, 21 July 2012

Thumbnails - Halls of the Dead

Initial Line work
Work in progress

I'm currently working on the Dungeons and Dragons art test (Art Test link) I decided to go with the environment test to design the Halls of the Dead. This is due to wanting to include more architecture work in my portfolio/improving my skills at depicting it, and it sounded like a challenging project that would push my skills.

I'm going for a 15th century vibe with the design whilst bring in elements of the back story such as the Skulls and symbol for the God of the Halls which is a skeletal arm holding judgement scales. From what I understand the house is meant to represent a place of worship that is welcoming of death/is accepting of death.

I thought it would be cool to have a converted building that is welcoming due to its aesthetics whilst contrasting it with the bones and symbolism of the skull hand holding the judgement scales (eventually I want to look like they have been strapped to the building). Also wanted a warm colour scheme rather than a cliché cool colour scheme generally used when depicting death/horror type scenes. I feel warm colours are more welcoming, which seemed fitting to the concept.

Currently I am working towards removing the line work so that the final picture is a finished painterly look. Really trying to push my lighting and approaching this work in a more methodical manner than to what I usually do, such as working on flat colours, then adding ambient occlusion, with key lighting following, and so on. Which I hope will improve the overall quality of my work.

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