Thursday, 3 November 2011

Greed Final
Finished another of my 7 deadly sin illustrations. As you can see I've change the style completely, I wanted to try a more painterly approach, and I feel the illustration works better this way, rather than the stiff/digital looking Pride illustration that I did previously.

This approach was inspired by Frank Frazettas work, and the 'Barbarian' illustration by Maciej Kuciara.   

As for symbolisms this one is more obvious than the Pride one I think. There is a frog as the central character, as Greed according to my research is represented by the frog. Hes overweight, and has donuts on his spear when he clearly does not need more food. I tried to make his mouth look like its watering to imply he wants more food.

As a direct contrast to this I have a anorexic looking male figure reaching out for food in the foreground, the fact the frog has food is there to emphasize his greed and lack of caring for others. Also as you can see in the background theres some sundaes lol

Had trouble with the anatomy, still don't think it looks right, and the colours seem to have gone a bit muddy towards the end. Ahh well, have to move on as I still have 5 more illustrations to do on top of all my other work. Hopefully I'll have time before the hand in to be able to go back and fix up my illustrations.

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